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Class Action

Capitol Securities Litigation has practiced in class administrations, civil and human rights, data breach, consumer and product defect, labor and employment and securities matters for several years.  Our firm has a successful history in dealing with various challenges from changes to class action requirements, technological evolutions, demands executed by a high number of class members or claimants and complexities in claims processing and release.  All of which have a very high efficiency in delivering positive results.  In fact, Capitol Securities Litigation is known to have performed a significant amount of complex class administrations in the past. 

Civil and Human Rights

Capitol Securities Litigation works in civil and regulatory environments to improve and implement specialized notice, publication and media campaigns made to reach a wide range of classes. Our Case Officers are trained professionals assigned to deliver case information and instructions accurately while handling all interactions with confidentiality and courtesy.

Consumer and Product Defect

Capitol Securities Litigation has a Media Team working together with our clients to make notice and outreach programs set to achieve the best possible reach to all class members. This is to ensure effective methods of direct notice and marketing of the settlement. We have very skilled staff that provides high number of physical notice mailings in the industry. Our vast experience with email notice programs include high volume programs accomplished at industry-leading levels of deliverability. We also have an online claim filing system that is customized to translate settlement terms into an electronic claim process that provides convenience to claimants and satisfies counsel’s needs for a secured remote access to claim information. Capitol Securities Litigation can manage the challenging issues of validation of product purchases to ensure recovery to class members. Lastly, we provide efficient settlement recovery disbursement in many ways convenient to claimants.

Labor and Employment

Capitol Securities Litigation’s labor and employment settlement administration experience covers all employment related issues including Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) collective actions, state law wage and hour class action cases, discrimination cases and employment tort and breach of contract cases. We are also able to capitalize on our knowledge of the securities industry and our work with plan administrators. We know how to comply with federal and state payroll tax processing and reporting regulations. We have performed settlements with reporting requirements all across the country.


Projects involving publicly traded securities are included in the expertise of Capitol Securities Litigation. We have handled numerous large securities cases through the years making us efficient in managing related settlements. We have handled common stock, debt instruments, preferred stock, put and call options, mutual funds, hybrid securities etc. Capitol Securities Litigation is aware of the specialized demands of international securities class action settlements including banking and currency issues. Our firm also administers exchange offers, consent solicitations, rights offerings and other related corporate events. Lastly, we collaborate with debtors, indenture trustees or transfer agents to create new securities as well as to cancel existing securities.


When addressing bankruptcy administrations, Capitol Securities Litigation takes a fully incorporated approach.  This includes various cases in Chapter 7 liquidations, Chapter 9 restructurings, Chapter 11 reorganizations, Chapter 15 cross-border proceedings, Creditor’s Committee assistance and out-of-court restructurings and corporate events.  Our firm has handled bankruptcies involving billions of dollars of liabilities.  All of which were handled successfully. 

Chapter 7

In the liquidation of company assets of Chapter 7 trustees, we provide professional assistance every step of the way. Also, a lot of the same innovative tools that are critical to our Chapter 11 services add to our ability to hold our Chapter 7 administrations.

Chapter 9

Accurate, responsive and cost-effective service is vital in Chapter 9 restructurings. Our Bankruptcy Team delivers a wide range of services that covers creditor noticing, design and implementation of multimedia notification program and disbursements.

Chapter 11

Capitol Securities Litigation provides complete and customizable services in all industries for every aspect of bankruptcy reorganization. We have an extensive experience preparing financial documents in Chapter 11 cases. For many years, Capitol Securities Litigation has been a leader in handling cases in the energy sector as well.

Chapter 15

Capitol Securities Litigation has the international experience and broad base of international contacts to overcome the challenges of a Chapter 15 administration. This is due to the increasing interconnection of bankruptcy cases that are linked to cross-border assets or proceedings making the interplay of multiple jurisdictions complex.

Creditor's Commitees

Capitol Securities Litigation understands the key role we play and the need for a professional partner in helping a Committee’s administrative duties, having designed full service administrative programs for many times. We assist Creditor’s Committees with notice dissemination, interactive Call Center services and case specific websites to distribute important and sensitive information.


Capitol Securities Litigation’s Solicitation Services Team is also a provider of Chapter 11 solicitation services, including soliciting votes on traditional Chapter 11 plans as well as pre-pack and pre-negotiated Chapter 11 plans. We work closely with debtor’s counsel to craft mailing procedures, tabulation rules, ballots, notices and other solicitation-related documents. Throughout the process, Capitol Securities Litigation will offer regular voting reports to the debtor and its counsel and will file a declaration memorializing the methodology used to solicit votes and the final voting results.


Capitol Securities Litigation is trusted by federal and state government entities in executing their legal programs.  Our firm has set the standard in handling consumer-related fraud cases, deceptive marketing practices, disgorgements and fair funds recovery, federal forfeiture, financial fraud and Ponzi schemes, management of resolutions and receiverships and money laundering.

Mass Tort

In implementing the most complex of mass tort programs, Trustees and Special Masters, courts and leading law firms rely on Capitol Securities Litigation, including global and partial settlements relating asbestos, catastrophic events, consumer products, environmental, devices, drugs, diseases, tobacco and toxic waste.  We provide mass tort settlement administration, handling all aspects of the program from notice and claimant communications to claim processing and distribution.  Capitol Securities Litigation has also administered projects involving components essential to medical monitoring cases.  We are aware of the sensitivity of nuances in handling cases with medical monitoring component.  Confidentiality and careful information management is key. 

Contact Center

Our Contact Center plays a vital role in our client’s comprehensive customer response and targeted outreach programs.  We have trained professionals set to serve our clients effectively.  In addition, our back office service is also available for our client’s convenience.  Our disciplined team is always ready to get the job done whether the approach is hands on for aggressive deadlines, to reach a specific audience or a simple project plan. 

Legal Notice

While implementing thousands of notice programs, Capitol Securities Litigation also plays a key role in the full lifecycle of an administration providing important industry class member communication and operations management.  A more thorough, modified and efficient notice program that allows a start-to-finish focus on due process and the ability to adapt to administration developments is the result.  Our tem has designed and executed a huge number of legal notice programs in different languages all across the globe.  Courts have consistently granted XXX’s legal notice programs as providing the best notice consistent with Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the requirements of due process. 

Notice Language

We work to develop clear and brief notice materials to ensure that notice programs meet the plain requirements of each case, satisfy due process and legal prerequisites and provide our clients ready and up to date settlement resources.

Media Strategy

Capitol Securities Litigation has implemented media programs in many cases. We operate the updated media and technology to accomplish notice in the most effective and efficient way. A broad media plan can round out a notice program when direct notice to every affected party is not possible. It can also serve as an independent notice program when it is the best method to reach an affected group due to the nature of the claim, the class member records and the demographics or geographical composition of the group to be notified.

Direct Notice Programs

Capitol Securities Litigation helps our clients design programs that satisfy legal and practical requirements, whether information is in the form of physical addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers etc. We have devised and performed direct outreach through different media outlets including in-person settings like temporary customer service centers and town hall meetings.


XXX has an expansive global network and resources in many countries, providing us with limitless scope and ability to serve clients across the globe.  We have successfully achieved numerous complex cross-border and international securities, antitrust, consumer, bankruptcy and restructuring administrations, including the implementation of publication programs in as many as 130 countries and 41 languages and the distribution of funds in 50 currencies.  We also have world-wide banking relationships enabling us to do fund transfers efficiently. 

Data Breach

We provide the most complete and cost-effective data breach services available.  Our goal is to ensure you are in full compliance while keeping breach response costs under control.  We have attorneys, quality assurance specialists, financial experts, IT and communication experts and other professionals with proven experience to offer a wide ranging yet unique perspective to effectively address data breach needs.  We assist in planning and executing effective solution to manage data breaches and achieve positive outcomes.  XXX handles communications with our dedicated team of Contact Center agents and delivers information through mail and email campaigns.  We will provide the skill, speed and efficiency that law firms and corporations have come to expect from us.  In addition, we can manage any response that involves coordination with credit bureaus.  If the breach comes to litigation, we can assist in handling notice, providing trained customer service representatives with enough experience to respond to class member calls and emails, coordination with credit bureaus for monitoring and if required, handle any payments.

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