Regulatory Compliance

Key Developments

Optimal Procedures for Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance for investment and financial advisory providers has always been a poignant point for firms. Companies must deal not only with new regulatory policies and legalities, but also with varying explanation of recently enforced guidelines. Modern technology infrastructures and sensitive issues in the industry bring in more exposure to risks that must be taken into consideration in the ongoing effort of thrashing out an effective compliance strategy.

Orders and Releases

Domestic and International Cooperation and Regulatory Enforcement

There is a significant necessity to distribute information at a domestic level where institutional development exists or where the securities law coincides with the general law of an authority. So, for cases of fraud or money laundering that involve transactions in securities may require close coordination between two or more regulatory authorities, including law enforcement, and judicial agencies.

Rulemaking and Resolutions

Scope of Regulatory Cooperation

The form and content of cooperation varies from case to case. The Department of Compliance and Securities Division provides assistance not only for use in investigations but also for other types of inquiry, as part of a compliance program for the purpose of preventing illicit activities. It exchanges general information about matters of regulatory concern, including financial and other supervisory information, technical expertise, surveillance and enforcement techniques, and investor education.

Regulatory Activities

Establishing Accounting and Auditing Standards

Comparability and reliability of financial information are critical to informed decision making. The objective of general purpose financial statements is to provide information about the financial position, results of operations, cash flow and changes in the ownership equity of an enterprise that is useful to a wide range of users for decision making purposes.

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