Investor Education

Recognizing the value and impact of investor education, the Department of Compliance and Securities Division provides valuable investment learning content that can be used to improve the level of financial literacy of the public.

Investment Management and Inflation

It would be of some interest to the investor to have an understanding of managing investments and inflation and what effect it would have on the various financial instruments being held in his portfolio. A simplistic definition of inflation would be an increase in prices in general and an increase in the supply of money is regarded to cause this.

Approaches to Investment Choices and Performance

Investors very much consider varying investment strategies with the most important aim of reaching optimum productivity, which would also result to a higher rate of return on investments. Read on as investment strategies are broadly classified and explained in different approaches.

Reducing the Probability of Investment Losses

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Working Towards Successful Investments

Taking into consideration the possible remuneration, the associated risks being manageable and given a strategy of precise risk administration, the equity marketplace across key locations are the best diversion there is. However, the investor to be successful must possess attributes of flexibility and commitment if to reach this goal. These characteristics of the ace investor it seem would also be important to the other financial markets.

Mutual Funds and Managing Various Portfolios

Managing mutual funds and a variety of portfolios are adopted towards particular investors who are deemed preoccupied with their conventional careers, and would usually have the luxury of time to focus on their recent investments. Consisting of different financial instruments, a mutual fund is a portfolio ranging from investment grade stocks transacted in the stock markets to high-grade bonds and public securities based on the fundamental objectives of the specified mutual fund under consideration, and the quantity of the same is administered by fund managers and financial specialists.

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