Investor Advisory

Alerts and Updates

The Department of Compliance and Securities Division provides you with alerts and updates for information on how to protect your investments from scams and fraudulent dealings.

Investors Advised to Cautiously Monitor Trading Online Accounts

The Department of Compliance and Securities Division warns investors to cautiously monitor their trading online accounts in the growing number of account hacking and attacks in which perpetrator have broken into customer records at online brokerages in a variety of locations and made unauthorized transactions worth millions of dollars

Investor Education

Recognizing the value and impact of investor education, the Department of Compliance and Securities Division provides valuable investment learning content that can be used to improve the level of financial literacy of the public.

Investment Management and Inflation

It would be of some interest to the investor to have an understanding of managing investments and inflation and what effect it would have on the various financial instruments being held in his portfolio. A simplistic definition of inflation would be an increase in prices in general and an increase in the supply of money is regarded to cause this.

Check a Company

Before deciding to do business with a company, check to verify its business profile and operational background.

File a Complaint

If you think a company has treated you unfairly in a business transaction, you may file a complaint online.

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